PTFE Coatings model recommendation:
PTFE 2-Coating : 
DF-7126 bottom
DF-7126 surface
Coating characteristics:It feels smooth, has a full appearance, high gloss, and is easy to clean.
PTFE 3-Coating:
DF-7XXX bottom
Excellent wear resistance, corrosion resistance and long-lasting non-stick properties, suitable for high-strength use, free of PFOA.
PTFE Coatings

DF500-High Hardness Fluorine Coating Series


  ►Curing temperature ℃ 410*10 minutes

  ►Film thickness μm 20-30

  ►Non-sticky ★★★★★

  ►Salt water resistant ★★★★

  ►Abrasion resistance ★★★★★

  ►Corrosion resistance ★★★★

  ►Material pre-processing Sandblasting/Degreasing



Application scope:

DF500-high hardness fluorine coating series, widely used in frying pans, frying pans, bakeware, industrial molds, rice cookers.




Application characteristics:

Mitsubishi pencil hardness≥3H



Wear resistance: up to more than 20,000 times (4.5kg 3M7447C scouring pad wet grinding)



Food certification:

Dove Dragon & Weichangda series products have always adhered to the strictest standards in terms of environmental protection, health and hygiene, to ensure that the products meet the highest international standards!