Silicone Coatings model recommendation

Silicone Coatings

DF200-silicone ECO series


  ►Fixed temperature ℃ 220

  ►Film thickness μm 15-30

  ►Non-sticky ★★★

  ►Salt water resistant ★★★

  ►Abrasion resistance ★★★★

  ►Corrosion resistance ★★★

  ►Material pre-processingSandblasting/Degreasing


Application scope:

DF200-silicone ECO series are widely used in: external coating of rice cookers, food bakeware... it is an upgraded product of traditional silicone.


Application characteristics:

Low-temperature baking: Bake at 220°C for 10 minutes, which can reach the performance of ordinary 280°C silicone products.



Energy saving: Low-temperature baking can reduce energy consumption and cost in the production process.

High efficiency: The efficiency can be improved by increasing the baking temperature, 280℃×4 minutes, 290℃×3 minutes, 300℃×2 minutes, and it can be dried. The production efficiency is more than doubled than that of traditional organic silicon.



Food certification:

Dove Dragon & Weichangda series products have always adhered to the strictest standards in terms of environmental protection, health and hygiene, to ensure that the products meet the highest international standards!